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Watch Video: “Jolly Japes” goes badly wrong with agricultural drone

By Chris Stonor

Twitter has a consistent stream of “silly drone videos” or “jolly japes” as the English might describe and here is another one. Luckily, no-one was hurt in the making of this cinematography.

Okay, you have a few drinks with your mates and one is the son of a farmer who recently purchased a large agricultural drone to spray his crops. “I wonder if it can lift a human being?” asks one downing his third pint.

Fortunately, for “the lads”, the Dad is away on business, so his friends, giggling all the way, nip round to the barn where the drone is housed and start “mucking around” with it. Suddenly, the more daring of the group asks that burning question. “How do you switch it on?”

The rest, as they say, can be viewed below. At least, the young man wears a helmet.

Watch Video

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