Urban and advanced air mobility business opportunities – we have mapped the industry!

The routes. The route-lengths. The cities. The key industry players from eVTOL and vertiport manufacturers to local authority partners. The programmes which are clearly defined and funded, with all eco-system suppliers identified, to speculative, over-the horizon opportunities. We identify and describe them all.

The Global UAM/AAM Business Opportunity Map is aimed at urban air mobility/advanced air mobility (UAM/AAM) industry OEMs and supply chain partners, transport planners, finance companies, consultants and local authorities who need a detailed understanding of what programmes are underway around the world and the market opportunities that exist within these programmes. It provides a unique guide to competitive industry information, global/regional market size and trend analysis.
• What are the like routes and route for services to be launched in the next few years?
• What are the critical partnerships between local authorities, manufacturers and operators pioneering new services?
• What are cities in the early stages of planning?
Using a network of global industry specialists, the Global UAM/AAM Business Opportunity Map details over-the-horizon strategic programmes which are in the very early planning stages to more detailed near-term plans for operational launches within the next two to three years.

Unique features of the report
• Updated weekly
• Planned routes identified, with route lengths calculated
• Planned programmes categorised into “Imminent”, “Planned” and “Intended”
• Local authority and industry programme-driver organisations identified
• All information sourced and referenced
• UAM/AAM business opportunity listings for annual subscribers
• Comprehensive, detailed
• Competitively priced
• Flexible purchasing options
• Downloads can be shared among all employees of the ordering organisation

The database gives details on plans to develop passenger UAM/AAM services over 35 countries and 70 cities, with timelines and descriptions along with details on industry participation, broken down into the following areas:
• Cities and routes (with route lengths)
• eVTOL manufacturer
• Electric fixed wing platform manufacturer
• UAM/AAM aircraft operators
• UAM/AAM training
• UAM/AAM aircraft operator maintenance and support
• UAM/AAM aircraft charging and power supplies
• Vertiport/airport developer/operator
• Vertiport/airport safety and security
• Airspace integration
• Local authority partner/client
• Others

The Global UAM/AAM Business Opportunity Map can be purchased for just £450.00 for a one-off download or £1,500 for an annual subscription.

Monthly updates on national and city programme plans will be published in www.urbanairmobilitynews.com but annual subscribers will also be able to access a monthly global UAM business opportunity guide, which will highlight actual and potential business opportunities arising from new programme announcements.

For more information and sample pages, please contact the editor Philip Butterworth-Hayes and philip@unmannedairspace.info

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