Gold Coast

Gold Coast - Australia

Timeline: Intended – an outline vision has been agreed

Programme description

In March 2022 Skyportz and Sea World Helicopters announced a partnership to bring eVTOL operations to the Gold Coast. John Orr-Campbell, CEO of Sea World Helicopters said: “We intend to be at the forefront of the industry as it morphs into cleaner and quieter electric propulsion. We have existing helicopter landing infrastructure on the Gold Coast which we can activate with electric eVTOL aircraft as soon as they become available” He added, “We can foresee that many of our tourist operations will be very well suited to electric aviation”.

The announcement builds on the previous partnership announcement in Victoria between Skyportz and Microflite helicopters as well as with Secure Parking which has over 50 sites in the Gold Coast/Brisbane regions which could potentially be activated.

Tom Tate, Gold Coast Mayor, remarked, “I can see a place for Skyportz’s operations not only in our city but across the SEQ region. Between the major SEQ cities, more than three million people reside but equally, we attract in excess of 13 million annual visitors so the market is certainly there for innovative transport solutions like this.”


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