Groningen – The Netherlands

Timeline: Planned – to be launched within two to five years; funds have been committed and key industry partners identified

Groningen – Copenhagen (625 km)
Groningen – Frankfurt (489 km)
Groningen – Hannover (298 km)
Groningen – London (494 km)
Groningen – Paris (568 km)

Programme description

In October 2021 Groningen Airport announced it would become Electron Aviation (UK)’s first operational airport to use its electric air taxis. The company recently announced the air taxi service from the airport is to begin in 2026.

Deploying all-electric Electron 5 aircraft and carrying up to four passengers, the air taxis will have a range of 750 km from the Airport. This covers destinations such as Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hannover, London and Paris.


Electric fixed wing platform manufacturer:
Electron Aviation