Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao Greater Bay Area

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao – China

Timeline: Imminent – trial flights already concluded

Currently focused on sight seeing

Programme description

In April 2021, EHang announced the “100 Air Mobility Routes Initiative” to open 100 aerial traffic routes, focusing on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and gradually expanding to other parts of China.

In 2021 September, EHang reached a cooperation agreement with China Eastern General Aviation, a helicopter service provider and airspace management company in the region. EHang and China Eastern General Aviation have established an operation framework for tourism flights in Malunshan Base located in Linhai, Shenzhen. The base will serve more than 30,000 passengers per year eventually. “In addition, EHang has established a set of air traffic operation systems and the mechanism that covers route planning, flight operation, safety management, regulatory compliance, digital operation platform, sales, and marketing…. Core members of the operations team have worked in world-renowned or regional leading aviation, automotive or technology companies, such as Airbus, Hainan Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express, BMW, CITIC Direct, IBM, etc.”

Other partnerships include:
• Greenland Hong Kong to carry out AAV aerial tour trial operations in Greenland of Yuhu Town, Zhaoqing;
• Vertiport industry partners to develop an AAV airport in Hezhou with local customers;
• Giancarlo Zema Design Group, an Italian architecture firm, to design ecological terminals.
• Heli-Eastern- a major low-altitude general aviation carrier and helicopter service provider in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (“Greater Bay Area”) to develop operations in the designated integrated airspace for helicopters and AAVs in Shenzhen, developing low-altitude UAM operation management system and exploring specific UAM use cases, including aerial emergency rescue for ground transportation and aerial cargo transportation over the highway network. At the HELI-EASTERN’s helicopter base in Shenzhen, both parties featured demo flights with both HELI-EASTERN’s helicopter Bell 206 EHang 216 flying together to demonstrate live practical UAM operations in an integrated airspace. In addition, two units of EHang 216 AAVs showcased trial flights simultaneously and safely in the shared airspace.
• HAECO an independent aircraft engineering and maintenance group founded in Hong Kong
• Shenzhen Expressway Operation and Development Company Limited – to broaden use cases of EHang AAVs for roads inspection, emergency rescue, materials transportation among others (EHang and Shenzhen Expressway Operation and Development Company have built the first AAV command-and-control platform, equipped with various types of AAVs and intelligent sensor devices for expressway networks management, emergency rescue and safe operations)


eVTOL manufacturer:

UAM/AAM aircraft operator:
Greenland Hong Kong
China Eastern

UAM/AAM aircraft maintenance and support:

Vertiport/airport developer/operator:
Giancarlo Zema Design Group

Local authority partner/client:
Shenzhen Expressway Operation and Development Company