Guangzhou – China

Timeline: Imminent – to be launched within the next three years

Programme description

In August 2019, EHang announced that it has selected Guangzhou as its UAM pilot city globally for the establishment of a low-altitude aviation transportation network. As part of the pilot program, EHang will help the Guangzhou government set up a command-and-control centre to ensure that multiple autonomous air vehicles (AAVs) flying simultaneously in the city can remain in the air in a safe and efficient manner and can swiftly respond to emergencies.

According to the company:
“EHang also intends to help the city build up the basic infrastructure to support urban air mobility, including by designing safety rules and market entry thresholds. On the passenger front, EHang plans to use the pilot program in Guangzhou to test more flight routes and vertiports based on practical application scenarios before moving into commercial operations. Next, EHang plans to work with more partners to expand the operations to cover more areas in Guangzhou and transport a wider variety of high-value low-weight goods, including blood and organs for emergency medical use.”

EHang command and control center in Guanghou.
EHang has signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co., LTD (“GDDCI”) to jointly launch the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center at the Innovation Park in Huangpu District. The centre covers an area of 2,000 square meters and is equipped with a rooftop take-off and landing vertiport as well as a hangar for power charging and maintenance. According to an EHang statement: “ Powered by the 5G telecommunication networks, it relies on the EHang’s command-and-control system platform to enable trial operations for the EH216, Falcon B and other eVTOL models, for various UAM and smart city management applications. Furthermore, the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Center is integrated with an Automatic Guided Vehicle Parking Garage, which provides a convenient infrastructure for a seamless transfer experience in car travel and aerial trip in the future.”


eVTOL manufacturer:

Local authority partner/client:
Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group Co

Traffic Investment Group for Guangzhou Development Zone to provide integrated transportation for ground and aerial traffic