Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California – USA

Timeline: Intended – an outline vision has been agreed

Programme description

In May 2022 Urban Movement Labs (UML) announced a new partnership with eVTOL manufacturer Overair to bring urban air mobility to the greater Los Angeles metro area.

A press release reports: “The partnership will focus on community, government, and industry engagement to ensure a collaborative approach to implementing safe, equitable, convenient, and sustainable urban air mobility technology.

“Overair will work with UML and the Urban Air Mobility Partnership to explore operational and infrastructure development considerations. Additionally, Overair will help study the noise impacts of eVTOL vehicles and support community engagement efforts to plan workforce and economic development opportunities within the new UAM industry.

“Overair aims to position their eVTOL vehicle “Butterfly” as an alternative transportation choice within metropolitan areas. Each Butterfly will carry up to six people (five passengers and a pilot), or 1100 pounds of cargo, and will be able to travel distances of approximately 100 miles and speeds up to 200 mph while being powered by clean all-electric propulsion plans to initiate commercial operations in 2026”.

In June 2021 Joby signed an agreement with urban real estate company Reef Technology in 2021 to develop rooftop take-off and landing sites on parking structures in the Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan areas.


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