Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne – Victoria – Australia

Timeline: Planned – to be launched within two to five years; funds have been committed and key industry partners identified

Programme description

At August 2022 Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) annual Advanced Air Mobility summit in Melbourne Skyportz announced it would develop the first vertiport in Australia at Caribbean Park in Melbourne’s east, in conjunction with Contreras Earl Architects, to70 aviation, Arup and Microflite.

At the end of August 2022, the Victoria government also published its Advanced Air Mobility vision report.

According to the report:
“Victoria’s regional centres, such as Traralgon, Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo, have growing commuter markets, thriving commercial centres and strong tourism opportunities. AAM has the potential to provide fast, cost-effective methods for connecting city/town pairs, especially where the cost and complication of scaling traditional aviation, or constructing fixed infrastructure, do not justify the likely demand.”

Melbourne was originally chosen as a launch city for Uber’s UAM services but since the take-over by Joby of Uber these plans have been delayed. The city is still listed as one of Joby’s list of target cities and the company has been reported as working towards launching its first commercial services there as early as 2024.

In March 2020 Skyportz and planning group Arup announced they were jointly developing specifications to support property developers wanting to prepare their buildings for UAM and eVTOL aircraft, in anticipation of the launch of Uber Elevate services.

Advancing UAM services has the support of the Victorian Government and Invest Victoria.

Meanwhile, the partnership between Eve Urban Air Mobility and Microflite, an Australia-based helicopter operator, foresees the introduction of eVTOL flights to the city as early as 2026.


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