Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida – USA

Timeline: Planned – to be launched within two to five years; funds have been committed and key industry partners identified

Miami – Fort Lauderdale (39km)
Miami – Fort Myers (187km)
Miami – Key Largo (74km)
Miami – Melbourne (259km)
Miami – Naples (165km)
Miami – Port St Lucie (167km)
Miami – Sarasota (290km)
Miami – West Palm Beach (105km)

Miami International airport – Miami Beach Convention Center

Programme description

Joby, Lilium, Eve and Archer have all declared their interest in prioritising Miami as an early US UAM hub.

In March 2021 Archer announced its commitment to Miami as a flagship launch market by 2024. “Archer will work with the city of Miami to address some of Southern Florida’s mobility challenges, offering people a new option to travel in and around dense cities in a fast, safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner,” said a press release. “ Brett Adcock, co-Founder and co-CEO of Archer said: “Archer will develop a UAM network in Miami to support eVTOL aircraft, and create a service with a price equivalent to rideshare services on the market today.”

In June 2021 Joby signed an agreement with urban real estate company Reef Technology in 2021 to develop rooftop take-off and landing sites on parking structures in the Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco Bay Area metropolitan areas.

In March 2022 Eve announced it had formed a consortium of UM industry layers, including Skyports, L3Harris Technologies, and the Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI), to develop a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for UAM operations between Miami International Airport (MIA) and the Miami Beach Convention Center. “This agnostic document is intended to be the first of several deliverables for bringing UAM operations to Miami-Dade,” said a company press release. “The consortium examined the ecosystem required for both passenger and vehicle journeys, received valuable insights and feedback from stakeholders across Miami-Dade County, and accessed locally, publicly available information. The data were used to establish a foundational understanding of how UAM could safely support an airport shuttle use case in the county.”

In January 2021 Ferrovial and Lilium signed a framework agreement to develop a network of vertiports across Southern Florida, including Miami.


eVTOL manufacturer:

Vertiport/airport developer/operator:
Ferrovial (Lilium)
REEF Technology (Joby)