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Country introduction

Philijets has acquired a number of Ascendance Flight Technologies Atea eVTOLs
to operate a mix of private charters, tourist sightseeing flights, and emergency medical evacuations across the Philippines’s 7,000-island archipelago.

eVTOLs have been recognised as a potential important emergency healthcare operator in the country. A study “Evaluation of the Use Cases of eVTOLs with High Potential in the Philippines and Thailand” undertaken by the Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University, Japan examined the use of eVTOLs for emergency services, sightseeing and UAM network operations in the Philippines and Thailand.
Among the study conclusions in the Philippines:
• For the sightseeing UAM use cases….the Philippines may be a better initial testing ground for eVTOL implementation but Thailand may be better for implementation in the long term as it has a larger market demand and higher profitability than the Philippines in both use cases considered.
• In the Philippines, authorities are more open to the discussion of eVTOLs, especially when it comes to the sightseeing use case.


eVTOL manufacturer:
Ascendance Flight Technologies

Local authority partner/client: