Country introduction

A study “Evaluation of the Use Cases of eVTOLs with High Potential in the Philippines and Thailand” undertaken by the Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University, Japan examined the use of eVTOLs for emergency services, sightseeing and UAM network operations in the Philippines and Thailand.

Among the study conclusions in Thailand:
• The UAM use case in Bangkok is the most optimal application of eVTOLs from the market and operation as shorter ranges are more easily applicable to city-based locations and sightseeing in Chiang Mai requires flight time for at least 20 min to access major sightseeing spots.
• In terms of emergency services, terms of one-way range, 10 km and 100 km are required for private EMS operations will require a range of 10km and public EMS services 100km.Two-seater eVTOLs could be applied to private EMS, but unlikely public EMS.
• For the sightseeing UAM use cases….the Philippines may be a better initial testing ground for eVTOL implementation but Thailand may be better for implementation in the long term as it has a larger market demand and higher profitability than the Philippines in both use cases considered.

In May 2022 EHang announced it had formed a strategic partnership with Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) of Thailand to establish a joint venture for autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) sales and UAM. CP Group and EHang will work together in developing in aerial sightseeing, cargo transport, last-mile delivery, city air taxi, and smart city management in Thailand and beyond.