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DragonFlyPads: “Under the radar, but over the trend”

By Chris Stonor

Paris-based company, DragonFlyPads, was founded less than two years ago by Eric Gauthier and Jerome Snollaerts. The company produces Vertipads rather than Vertiports which are “strategically located on underused public and private real estate.” 

The website explains the company’s aim is to: “Increase the reach of drones by providing service stations at regular intervals for batteries charging, servicing, parcel delivery, and parking of commercial drones. Improving ROI’s for drone manufacturers and operators by increasing flight time per drone” (see video). Where the company’s ambition is to: “Build a comprehensive vertiport grid throughout Europe & North America.”

Last week, DragonFlyPads demonstrated its product around Paris’s primary market, Marché International de Rungis, run by Semmaris. A company press release located on Linkedin, stated, “It was a great success and a real icebreaker.” It goes on, “This was the first time a vertiport has been installed and operated in an urban location. The trial was very complex as it took place at Rungis International market which is located 3 km from Orly International Airport and 15 km from the Paris city centre. Every day the market accommodates 20,000 trucks and more than 30,000 people.”

DragonFlyPads deployed its vertipad for drone operator, Pilgrim Technology, and surveillance and cargo flights were carried out. DragonFlyPads also successfully collaborated with Unisphere and Unifly drones, where “vegetables, fruits, spare parts for vehicles, medical equipment, champagne and even a birthday cake were transported and delivered.” 

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