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Dronamics, Hellmann propose pan-European cargo drone services from 2022

By Chris Stonor

The leading middle-mile cargo drone developer, Dronamics, and operator and full-service provider, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, announced this week a proposal of working together to offer “a pioneering new transport service for the cross-border transportation of time-critical goods,” reports a press release. Hellmann plans to offer the first routes with unmanned cargo drones from Dronamics as early as next year.

This partnership aims to “provide customers seeking an on-demand solution for shipping goods with an integrated service”, using Dronamics’ next-generation middle-mile service.

The first area of interest is Europe, where the regulatory environment permits operations across the EU. The release says, “Hellmann considers Dronamics a forerunner among long-range drone developers and to be the first company to obtain operational authorisation for international unmanned flights across Europe.”

It goes on, “As part of the agreement, Dronamics will provide equipment and expertise to operate the unmanned drone flights, employing local staff in different technical roles. The first commercial flights of the same-day drone cargo services are expected to begin in 2022.”

Jan Kleine-Lasthues, CEO of Hellmann’s Airfreight, commented, “Partnering with Dronamics allows us to provide our customers with innovative and tailored solutions especially in the growing market segments of spare parts, e-commerce and cool chain.”

He continued, “Dronamics enables a same-day middle-mile drone delivery service with an unmatched range of up to 2,500km and an impressive cargo capacity of 350kg. We believe this will be a game-changer in logistics.”

Svilen Rangelov, CEO and Co-Founder of Dronamics, added, “Collaborating with freight forwarders is an essential part of our vision to make same-day deliveries a reality.”

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