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Greece: Drones trialled at Elefsis Port for delivering medical supplies to shipping

By Chris Stonor

The Hellenic Drones company carried out a successful trial this week, when one of its craft delivered medical supplies from the Port of Elefsis, in Greece to a roll-on/roll-off transport cargo vessel (Roro) anchored two nautical miles away, reports splash247.com.

Greek ‘RORO’ Vessel

The drone carried Covid-19 test kits for 20 people and the distance was rapidly flown in just four minutes. The trial is the first of its kind in Greece and could serve as a basis for the remote delivery of Covid-19 test kits and vaccines to thousands of seafarers in the area. This option of mobilising drone technology should be properly considered to meet the logistical challenges the world faces as it combats Covid-19.

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(News Source: https://splash247.com)

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