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India: SpiceJet to introduce delivery service with customised drones

By Chris Stonor

SpiceJet is aiming to introduce delivery services with customised drones alongside a unique supply chain under their brand name, SpiceXpress, reports news18.com. The news broke at the weekend from the company’s Chairman and MD, Ajay Singh.

It plans to introduce customised drones of different payloads including 0-5 kg, 5-10 kg and 10-25 kg that have the potential to alter supply chain capabilities thereby making it more resilient and sustainable. The airline initially plans to target mid-mile drone deliveries while preparing for last-mile ones in the future.

Throttle Aerospace Drone

SpiceXpress will focus on delivering vaccines, life-saving drugs and essential goods amongst others to the remotest and furthest corners of the country which are difficult to reach by conventional means of transportation. The airline’s initial outreach plan for its drone business encompasses 10 districts with over 150 locations with an aim to achieve over 25,000 deliveries per month.

The company has partnered with Throttle Aerospace for more than 50 customised high-end drones while Aeologic is to provide the drone software management. Throttle has already completed 100 hours of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) trials.

Singh explained, “By introducing drones to the supply chain, SpiceJet’s logistics arm, SpiceXpress, will take a massive technological leap to change the game for fast and cost-effective logistics in India. This will not just redefine the entire supply chain business, but also offer a unique experience to the end consumer.”

He added, “With the entrance of drones, our fast emerging and growing e-commerce industry will be able to access the remotest corners of the country.”


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(News Source: www.news18.com)

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