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More deployment of drones at Port of Hamburg imminent

By Chris Stonor

More deployment of drones at Port of Hamburg is imminent, as HHLA Sky (a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG) and Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) form a technology partnership, reports dronelife.com.

The collaboration will see implementation of automated drones, expanding the HPA’s efforts towards an intelligent port infrastructure and developing solutions for logistical, sensory or coordinative processes via autonomous drones.

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Jens Meier, Chairman of the HPA Executive Board, commented, “In the event of storm surges, accidents or other unforeseeable disruptions, flying, floating or self-driving robots can be on-site considerably faster and provide high-resolution videos and pictures for an exact overview of the situation.”

He continued, “The time saved can be decisive in an emergency. Furthermore, they make the maintenance and expansion of the port infrastructure significantly more efficient – for example, in the case of facilities that are difficult, time-consuming or dangerous to reach.”

Jens Meier

Matthias Gronstedt, MD of HHLA Sky, added, “The HPA is able to collect very different kinds of data using mobile teleoperated sensors. Analysing it helps us use resources optimally.”

HHLA Sky has a developed “a technologically leading control centre for the operation and monitoring of drones and has introduced it on the global market. It connects the various HPA applications within the scope of the technology partnership to streamline processes that were previously labour-intensive so that devices can be operated more efficiently.”

Phanthian Zuesongdham, Head of Division Port Process Solutions at the HPA, remarked, “The next phase of product development for our new ‘drones as a service’ product will be launched with this partnership. We will begin pilot operations this year.”

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(News Source: https://dronelife.com/)

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