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Pablo Air successfully trials “two delivery drones simultaneously” in a 50-mile round trip

By Chris Stonor

In a recent trial, the Korean drone company, Pablo Air, a member of Born2Global Centre, delivered medical supplies to two islands with two drones simultaneously, reports a company press release. The drones flew from Incheon New Port (management pier) to Yeongheungdo Island and Jawoldo Island, a round-trip 50-mile journey, in one hour and 20 minutes.

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This unusual test, which successfully delivered emergency medicines and general products to the islands, has gained significant attention, as it has been suggested this will open up the era of Korean drone deliveries.

The trial was the longest drone flight made in Korea and took place despite strong winds. Vertical takeoff-and-landing craft (VTOLs) were used for the test and operated with an independently-developed, web-based control system.

The release states, “Safety of the flight was ensured through real-time, simultaneous monitoring of both drones with three different communications technologies (LTE, satellite, RF wireless).” It goes on to say, “With this system, monitoring was possible via computer, tablet PC, and mobile phone, making constant tracking possible regardless of location.”

The trial was part of the robot delivery project funded by Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Technopark and watched by various representatives including from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Incheon Port Authority, Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology and Jeyang Logistics.

Kim Young-jun, CEO of PABLO AIR, said, “The era of drone-shipped deliveries is fast approaching, which means we have to concentrate not only on developing safer, more precise technologies but also on entering foreign markets in 2021, using our unparalleled skill set.” Adding, “We will be collaborating with a variety of distribution companies worldwide in the coming years.”

Founded in 2018, Pablo Air is a developer of unmanned aerial software and hardware. Its core business is the development of drone swarm platforms and provision of related solutions. The company is developing technologies to make drones applicable on a wide scale, including for distribution, disaster detection, collection of environmental data and entertainment.

A year ago, a Pablo Air drone completed a 35.7-mile flight from Jejudo’s Seogwipo Port to Udo Port in one hour and 56 minutes.

The company has secured KRW3 billion in Series A funding in collaboration with Lee Soo-man, chief producer of SM Entertainment and the KTB Network

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