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Read Article: “How relaxing regulations will expand drone delivery in last-mile”

By Chris Stonor

“Regulations, regulations, regulations” is a by-phrase for red-tape, frustration and general grief, for how can any new industry, especially the drone market, expand towards its full potential unless regulators has its back?

On paper it is bleedin’ obvious what needs to be done – relax the present regulations – and, in this article from, that common frustration is aired with an opening salvo, “Technological advances promise to help address some of the issues that plague the global supply chain sector, but they’d get there faster if the government would get out of the way.”

Dan O’Toole

Writer Dan O’Toole, Founder and CEO of DroneDek, lays out the many positives of drones being able to deliver that last mile. “…ideally to a secure, smart mailbox, will enable those cargo vans to park in a central location and send out drones to deliver to homes within a few blocks, saving all that circling and idling. Drivers can then re-supply and move on to serve another neighborhood from the air.”

He goes on, “Delivering in this manner could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tons, and 35 million vehicle kilometres could be saved each year (according to an Australian study)… (This way) the average cost of last-mile drone delivery is USD1 compared to USD2 by truck.” He then adds, “We need to free the skies and let the drones fly.” Yes, we know all of this Dan, but how do you bring the regulators onboard and see your point of view?

The West allegedly lives in a democracy (although recent events may suggest otherwise), where the public has an important say in the drone debate. Daily thousands of unmanned craft flying over urban areas delivering everything from healthcare products to pizza is not an attractive prospect for many who may point to noise pollution, safety issues or even privacy matters. Relaxing regulations is more a softly, softly approach than condemning regulators for their narrow-minded short-sightedness. It will take time, maybe a long time, but never give up hope.

The last-mile delivery drone will come.

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