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Russian Rostec company to develop drone with 1 tonne lifting capacity

By Chris Stonor

A Rostec subsidiary, Russian Helicopters Group (RHG), is developing drones with a lifting capacity of 200kg and a whopping 1 tonne, reports Presently, the existing Russian drones have a lifting capacity of 50 kg (the BAS-200) and 70-80 kg (the VRT-300).

RHG Marketing and Business Director, Oleg Landin, said, “Our first step is to build a drone capable of lifting 200kg payload and from there 1 tonne.” Meanwhile, the present BAS-200 is an unmanned rotorcraft with a maximum take-off weight of 200 kg. The drone is 3.9 m long and 1.2 m high, can develop a speed of 160 km/h, carry a payload of up to 50 kg, climb to an altitude of 3,900 meters and operate for four hours.

The craft is designated to monitor the terrain, deliver cargo, carry out search and rescue and agricultural operations. The project is being developed by the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter Center (part of RHG).

The BAS-200 drone was featured over the weekend at the major MAKS-2021 international air show in the suburban town of Zhukovsky, outside of Moscow. It was the first time a UAV had been highlighted at the show.

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