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Slovenia: Welcome to “SkyEye Sierra”, ElevonX Modular UAV Solution

By Chris Stonor

 ElevonX, a Slovenia-based, high-end, custom tailored UAS solutions company, has finalised the development of its “SkyEye Sierra” craft. The company’s aim is to construct versatile, multi-purpose unmanned craft “that can switch between different types of tasks with minimal changes on the UAV platform, from multispectral mapping to surveillance missions, in a matter of minutes.”

ElevonX product strategy is based around the concept of modularity. The press release explains, “Our smart modular UAS solution allows our customers to have a competitive edge on the market of UAS services by providing them with a tool that can switch.”

The Slovenian company is “a multidisciplinary team of experts who believe in the combination of extensive research, thorough design and continuous field-testing that pushes our solutions well beyond operational parameters, so that our customers can use our products with confidence.”

The key features of the SkyEye include:-

  • System modularity: one fuselage – multiple UAV configurations.
  • Payload modularity: quickly adapt SkyEye UAV to different mission types (mapping, multispectral imaging, surveillance…).
  • More than 15 possible combinations – complete tailoring to suit your needs.
  • Composite structure for maximum performance and precision.

The core of the SkyEye modular system is the payload which is designed to house different types of products (from multispectral cameras to retractable surveillance gimbals). This high-end glass fibre-kevlar composite module’s main features are:

  • Large cargo bay (10 liters of volume, max dimensions 60x18x14 cm).
  • Easy cargo access (top and bottom hatch, bottom hatch 25×16 cm).
  • Integrated cargo rail with predefined fixpoints.
  • Modular propulsion options (gas/electric pusher or electric tractor).
  • Removable fix-points for catapult launch.
  • Optional landing gear (requires smooth take-off and landing surface).
  • Removable nose cone (optional transparent nose cone for forward-looking camera installation).
  • Streamlined design with highly visible livery (optional custom design).
  • Wing integrated avionics and parachute bay – payload bay dedicated for payload only.

ElevonX explain the SkyEye Sierra VTOL Key advantages include:-

  • Take-off and landing are performed in so-called VTOL mode, like a helicopter.
  • VTOL mode is advantageous because it does not need lots of space for take-off and landing.
  • No need for a catapult launcher for take-off. VTOL landing is completely accurate.
  • There is no need for a parachute for landing, and there is no risk of damaging the plane during the landing.
  • SkyEye Sierra VTOL platform is larger and more capable.
  • It can carry up to 3 kg of payload. Range (at Cruise) 320 KM, Endurance (at Cruise) 3 hrs. Electric – 5 hrs. Gas.
  • Motors are waterproof and dust resistant. The motors have a special protecting covering to be pesticide-resistant.
  • ELEVONX SkyEye Sierra VTOL is electric, so it’s quieter than a petrol engine if necessary and upgraded with a petrol engine.

The ElevonX Team

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