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South Korea: Drone successfully flies over city of Seoul

By Chris Stonor

GS Caltex, a leading South Korean energy company, was part of an important trial that saw a drone fly over an area of Seoul last Friday, reports

The drone flew for over 1 kilometre carrying heating oil from a GS Caltrex petrol station to a nearby park. The oil was then taken out of its carrier box and used to fuel a heater. The demonstration was performed at the Korea Drone Expo 2021 in Yeouido, western Seoul.

Mobility Hub

A company spokesperson commented, “We are developing our gas stations into a mobility hub where electric and hydrogen vehicle charging, car-sharing, as well as drone delivery services will be available.”

Last year, GS Caltex showcased a service where customers living on a remote island could order items to a convenience store and then have them delivered via a drone.

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