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Update: DDC latest news on drone delivery healthcare projects

By Chris Stonor

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) outlaid its latest news yesterday after the company presented at the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (CITT) webinar panel titled “Logistics of a COVID-19 Vaccine for Canada”, reports a press release.

Alongside leading government and logistics industry panellists, DDC was the only drone delivery company on the panel and expressed the benefits of delivery for pandemic response to remote First Nations communities, particularly when related to vaccines.

The release says, “DDC is in discussions with various Federal and Provincial Government agencies and Canadian logistics providers and is hopeful to commercially participate with its advanced, patented drone delivery as the vaccine distribution plans start to roll out across Canada, and potentially internationally.”

The company’s Beausoleil First Nation and Georgina Island First Nation pandemic-related projects were previously announced in June and July. They continue to be fully operational with daily multiple flights.  The Sparrow drone used in both projects is capable of delivering medical supplies, PPE, test kits and vaccines.

The release points, “DDC has previously successfully demonstrated the ability to transport temperature-controlled medical supplies (University of Saskatchewan project in 2020) and blood tests (Moose Cree First Nation pilot project in 2018) and is confident in its ability to effectively repeat this going forward.”

Michael Zahra, President & CEO of DDC, commented, “Since our cargo goes inside the drone, and we use a patented depot-to-depot DroneSpotnetwork configuration, this results in a safe and secure solution, addressing unique needs for high-value and high-risk cargo, as is typical in healthcare, especially for vaccines.”

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