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Volansi announces new VOLY 50 multi-role, long haul vehicle

By Chris Stonor

Volansi, a U.S-based VTOL drone logistics company, announced this week the launch of its latest craft, the VOLY 50, reports a press release.

The VOLY 50 is a multi-role, long-haul vehicle “offering superior flight range and flexible payload capacity”. The VOLY 50 series was designed to meet “the exacting requirements of commercial customers operating in remote locations” as well as “military customers who demand a small footprint in a flexible vehicle for aerial logistics and Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.”

Designed and manufactured in the U.S, the VOLY 50 is a new generation of multirole aircraft with the ability to simultaneously carry up to 50 pounds of cargo, including an ISR or sensor payload option. The release explains, “Depending on payload configurations, the VOLY 50 has a 400+ mile range and can cruise at up to 80 kts for up to eleven hours in a single mission set, making it the superior solution in its class for flight range and payload capacity.”

Hannah Parvizian

Hannan Parvizian, Volansi Co-Founder and CEO, commented, “The VOLY 50 was designed with the flexibility to meet the growing demand for rapid delivery of critical assets as well as to conduct ISR missions using a small operational footprint.” He continued, “With its long-haul capability and modular design, the VOLY 50 represents a new opportunity to completely disrupt how critical assets are delivered, by minimising personnel and filling the gap where traditional delivery mechanisms are unable to achieve the mission.”


The VOLY 50 features redundant lift motors as well as a modular, open system design, allowing for quick and efficient assembly in the field with minimal personnel required. The craft utilises VTOL with a fixed-wing, pusher-driven, forward flight mode. While it presently operates on gasoline, future versions will allow for the customer’s choice of heavy-fuel (JP5/JP8/Kerosene) or gasoline engines, allowing customers to use a fuel source that is readily available.

Volansi plans for the VOLY 50 to be in low-rate production in 2023 and will be NDAA compliant.

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(Pics: Volansi)

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