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Download FREE White Paper: “Mapping the AAM Ecosystem”

By Chris Stonor

 April has been a month of White Papers, reports and crystal ball gazing from a variety of research and analyst companies covering UAM, AAM and UAVs. This latest offering is from TNMT in conjunction with intelligence firm Osinto.

It states, “This free whitepaper visualises the current commercial relationships between the various players in the growing Advanced Air Mobility industry.” That AAM is “a term describing the emergence of transformative airborne technology to transport people and goods in new, community-friendly, and cost-effective aircraft like air taxis and drones, is a rapidly growing industry.”

And goes on, “We set out to provide more insights into the structure of this developing ecosystem and visualise the current commercial relationships between the various players.” Adding, “The White Paper is meant to provide a detailed glimpse into the complexity of the current AAM sector.“

Download The White Paper

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