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Marketscale Podcast: Listen to the future of air transportation – UAM, AAM, and eVTOL

By Chris Stonor

Marketscale’s Senior Manager, Martin Cullen, discusses the future of air transportation via this 14 minute podcast. He opens with “The future of transportation will include more acronyms and more flying vehicles. UAM, AAM and eVTOL are the buzz letters of tomorrow.”

He continues, “Transportation and urban mobility as we know it today are undergoing a revolution of how we get around cities and go between cities. We’re going to see a completely different way of going about that. And eVTOL (electric-powered, vertical-takeoff and landing) is urban mobility. It is one of the step changes in aerospace that’s going to change our very way of life.”

Flying cars are also discussed where TE Connectivity is doing its part to make this Jetsons dream a reality.

Well worth an eavesdrop.

Listen to Podcast

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