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Dufour Aerospace, Swiss Air-Rescue Rega collaborate on Aero3

By Chris Stonor

Dufour Aerospace and Swiss Air-Rescue Rega (a leading Swiss Air Rescue organisation) announced today a development collaboration for the air ambulance version of Aero3, Dufour Aerospace’s new and innovative aircraft for patient transport and emergency medical services, reports a press release.

The release explains, “The Aero3 is the first of its kind to feature a tilt-wing design with exceptional space, load, and range for emergency medical services (EMS) and patient transport. This piloted, hybrid aircraft is an extension of the Aero2, a smaller, unmanned version of the aircraft first test flown by Dufour Aerospace in 2020.”

It goes on, “During product development, Rega will support Dufour Aerospace with know-how on medical and aviation equipment and will advise on operational standards and certification. Dufour Aerospace offers Rega the opportunity to influence the development of the Aero3 at an early stage.”

Ernest Kohler, Rega CEO, commented, “Continuous development is in Rega’s DNA. The Aero3 is an exceptionally interesting aircraft, and we want to support its development with our experience from 70 years of HEMS operation.”

Thomas Pfammatter, CEO of Dufour Aerospace, added, “The collaboration with Rega will challenge Dufour Aerospace and advance our product development. They are a global leader in air rescue with the highest standards. Through this partnership, we will better understand and meet the needs of our customers.”

Ernest Kohler

He continued, “The Aero3 will meet the requirements for demanding patient transport, combining vertical take-off with sufficient load, high speed and range. Aero3 will be more efficient, less expensive and quieter than today’s helicopters and will integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and systems.”

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