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EU-funded AiRMOUR supports UAM medical air services, coalition with Aurora, Flying Forward

By Chris Stonor

The recently formed and EU-funded AiRMOUR says on its website, “Mobility is expanding into the airspace third dimension.”

This project focuses on research and innovation to improve and make urban air mobility safe, secure, quiet and green, while more accessible, affordable and publicly accepted. The project is to trial both manned and unmanned drones in real-life conditions during 2023.

AiRMOUR offers “valuable UAM tools and drastically advances the understanding of necessary near-future actions – not only by urban communities, but also by operators, regulators, academia and businesses.”

The organisation is attending a number of events this year including ITS World Congress 2021 (11th-15thNovember), UAV Show (19th-21stNovember) and Amsterdam Drone Week (18th-20thJanuary ’22).

Below is a round-up of who AiRMOUR is and what its aims are (click on photo to enlarge). Its most recent development is forming a coalition with Aurora and Flying Forward 2020.

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