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Flirtey, Vault Health announce successful drone delivery trials of “first FDA Covid-19 saliva-based test”

By Chris Stonor

Flirtey, the U.S-based drone delivery company, and Vault Health, the digital healthcare systems firm, announced this week the partnership’s successful drone delivery trials of the first FDA Covid-19 saliva-based test, reports a press release.

Last November, the two companies formed this collaboration to help combat the pandemic and, in particular, assist those people who do not live in proximity of on-site testing facilities.

Carried by a Flirtey Eagle delivery drone, which autonomously hovers and lowers the test kits using Flirtey’s delivery mechanism, the drone enables safe dispatch of packages into backyards of a residential area in Northern Nevada. Once delivered, the local residents access a video call with a health professional to supervise the saliva sample collection for the Covid-19 test. Drone delivery of the kits are quicker than traditional mail, reducing the shipping process by up to 48 hours, which could lead to quicker results and reduce risk of asymptomatic spread.

Matthew Sweeny, Flirtey Founder and CEO, said, “Our mission is to save lives and improve lifestyles by making delivery instant for everyone. Flirtey has built the Best-in-Class drone delivery system for last-mile delivery. As we expand our testing programs, we are working closely with the FAA on Type Certification, which will enable wide-scale use of our technology for commercial and life-saving applications.”

Jason Feldman, Founder and CEO of Vault Health, added, “Our goal at Vault has always been to expand access to Covid-19 testing so everyone can get a test when they need one. Flirtey helps expand on our innovations to make our already fast turnaround time, even faster.”

Flirtey made history in 2015 when it conducted “the first ever FAA-approved drone delivery.” The company has gone on to become “the first to perform an autonomous drone delivery to a home, the first company to perform a commercial drone delivery, and the first company to pioneer AED drone delivery in the U.S.”

Flirtey has worked alongside institutions like NASA, the City of Reno, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine and emergency medical services provider REMSA.

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