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IDTechEx Report: Market for eVTOL air taxis “to grow to USD14.7 billion by 2041”

By Chris Stonor

IDTechEx latest report entitled Air Taxis: Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft 2021-2041 begins by saying “Air taxis and flying cars are easy to hype. We have all grown up with visions of the future that depict flying vehicles whizzing between skyscrapers. This report is not that hype.”

The consultancy, research and subscription company, claims the report “provides a comprehensive analysis of eVTOL aircraft for air taxi applications, from the basics of eVTOL aircraft design architectures, through to more nuanced detail on opportunities in key enabling technologies, such as aviation-grade batteries, electric motors and propulsion systems, composite materials, and eVTOL ground infrastructure.”

It goes on, “Along with information and insight into the eVTOL air taxi market, the report contains IDTechEx’s 20-year outlook for eVTOL air taxi sales, market revenue, battery demand, and battery market revenue, with a detailed breakdown of the forecasting methodology.”

And continues, “IDTechEx research also indicates applications where eVTOL aircraft could provide a faster, more direct, and flexible journey at a lower cost than competing transport modes. It is this potential that has attracted the attention of huge companies both inside and outside the aviation industry and stirred major investment into this nascent market.”

After offering various examples of the major investors, shakers and players in this growing market, the report discusses “the opportunities for companies across numerous technologies” including “lithium metal batteries, advanced composites, and axial flux motors.” And goes on, “Those to market first will have the opportunity to be the face of this electrifying new market as a brand leader at the technological forefront.”

Concluding, “For any company wondering whether they should investigate this market, the question is, why not? The hard work being done over the next decade could pave the way for eVTOL to have a significant role in future mobility.”

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