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Read, Watch, Learn, Digest: Autonomy Institute SH130 major report

By Chris Stonor

This week’s news is already leaning towards the publication of major research reports. The latest comes from the Autonomy Institute (AI) and its comprehensive report on future intelligent infrastructure – a must read for futurists.

Jeffrey DeCoux

Jeffrey DeCoux, Chairman of AI writes on Linkedin, “(We are) developing SH130 into the first intelligent, autonomous, and electrified corridor, (while) activating automated freight, autonomous vehicles, optimized mobility, broadband and other advanced services to communities.” Obviously, drones and eVTOLs are an integral part of this future vision.

The report then explains, “SH130 will be the first intelligent, autonomous, and electrified corridor in the Nation. The Autonomy Institute is collaborating with Texas cities and agencies on the 90-mile Texas SH130 corridor. This intelligent corridor will support automated freight and delivery; intelligent and autonomous vehicles; and advanced services to communities along the corridor.”

And goes on, “This intelligent infrastructure will also eliminate the digital divide and accelerate Texas into the 21st century with jobs, economic growth, and stronger more resilient communities.”

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