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U.S/Canada States partner for cross-border drone corridor feasibility study

By Chris Stonor

The U.S State of Michigan and the Canadian State of Ontario, are teaming up for a feasibility study to see whether a cross-border drone corridor is possible, reports wkar.org. This potential skyway could have commercial uses like drone cargo delivery and medical transport. The two States share a 721 mile border.

Michael Frezell, of the State Department of Transportation commented that drone technology is the wave of the future. “What better place to test it out through an international border between Ontario and Michigan. This allows us the ability to transfer products between both countries, especially during a period where we’re seeing a lot of supply chain issues.”

State Border

Current federal regulations prohibit drones from being flown outside of a pilot’s line of sight. The study aims to prepare the States for when that transforms into Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).

Frezell said it’s too early to estimate timelines for the study as well as other details. “We’re doing research right now on this. So, the study is going to have to show what this will look like, how many drones could be used, and where can they be used.”

The feasibility study also looks at the potential of unmanned craft to carry goods around southeast Michigan and other areas of the State. Michigan’s research will cost a little over USD500,000.

(News Source: https://www.wkar.org/wkar-news)

(top pic credit: dna india)

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