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Huawei patents new drone control system that uses AI

By Chris Stonor

The technological giant, Huawei, is turning its eye more and more to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and recently patented a product with the name UAV Control System (No. CN110737212B), reports gizmochina.com. 

While the company applied for the patent back in July 2018, it only came to light this month. As the title suggests, the patent is related to the control system and method for managing a drone. This includes a task unit, a first action module, a sensor unit and a collaborative computing module.

 The task unit “splits the task after obtaining it into target actions and the information is sent to the first function module and first response module by the first action module.” After gaining data through the sensor units and performing several actions, the data is processed for the system using an A1 Chip.

Another Huawei patent related to drones is named Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Identification Module and Storage Method. It details how the physical identifier and storage method works to read and track information of a drone during its entire life-cycle.

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