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Project Alta lifts off with goal of putting passenger drones in the sky by 2034

A new Utah group, Project Alta, has plans to create a system of regional corridors to accommodate passenger-carrying autonomous aircraft over the next 10 years according to a news article on Deseret.com.

“For those who haven’t been spending a lot of time outside monitoring their overhead space it may come as a surprise that autonomous drones have been plying the airways over Utah for two years now, delivering thousands of small parcels to customers in select areas” according to the Deseret News article.

“Now a new organisation, Project Alta, has plans to not only grow and expand the package and cargo traffic that has zipped around the Wasatch Front since 2022, but aims to establish a system of regional corridors to accommodate passenger-carrying air taxis that have been in development for years and are set to fundamentally reshape the future of transportation.

“And the private/public collaboration is hoping to put it all together in time for Utah’s expected opportunity to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2034.

“Project Alta is an effort formed under the umbrella of 47G, formerly the Utah Aerospace and Defence Association, and is emerging at a time when the technology to transport ever larger cargo loads and human passengers via autonomous aircraft already exists but lacks the infrastructure and regulatory oversight to implement on a bigger scale. But 47G board chairman and former Utah Congressman Chris Stewart says Project Alta is poised to move Utah into a leadership position when it comes to putting advanced aerial mobility into real world situations.

“Project Alta officials say they’re teaming with the office of Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Inland Port Authority and private industry representatives on a phased plan that would expand drone-based mobility from small package delivery to freight/heavier cargo, build infrastructure in partnership with federal regulators and, in the next decade, set the stage for passenger transport.

“The group has recruited national expertise to help usher in the new era of autonomous flying vehicles including former Federal Aviation Administration official Chris Metts, who will serve as Project Alta’s executive director.”

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