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Elysian unveils E9X battery-electric 90-seat passenger aircraft

Elysian Aircraft has announced on social media its own launch after what it describes as two years of extensive research.  “Our groundbreaking findings, conducted in collaboration with Delft University of Technology and presented at today’s AIAA conference, reveals that battery-electric aircraft can fly further and transport more passengers than previously thought possible” according to the post. “Leveraging these insights, we’re developing the E9X – the first-ever battery-electric aircraft capable of carrying 90 passengers over 800 km solely on batteries.”

Elysian Aircraft says it has “achieved a significant advancement in battery-electric aviation with the unveiling of the E9X. This aircraft, designed for regional routes, showcases the potential of battery-electric aviation as a scalable and economically viable option compared to traditional aviation, setting the stage for a zero-emission future of the industry.”

The company also acknowledges its partners TU Delft, Aerospace Engineering, Panta Holdings B.V., NLR – Netherlands Aerospace Centre, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Universiteit Twente, Fokker Services Group, Fokker Next Gen, Aerospace Innovation Hub @TU Delft

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(Image: Elysian)

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