Air taxis and personal transports

Extinction Rebellion France protest at DGAC offices against eVTOL plans for Paris Olympics

In Paris, activists from environmental group Extinction Rebellion have sprayed paint on the offices of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) to protest against the deployment of eVTOLs during the Paris Olympic Games. According […]

Public consultation

Public acceptance of urban air mobility: new research to understand scientific basis for attitudes

The SESAR-backed ImAFUSA programme – a project seeking to develop a scientific basis for understanding societal reactions to urban air mobility programme – has launched a website in which it will publish the key results […]

Public consultation

Eve Air Mobility and NLR partner to understand UAM noise perception for residents and passengers

Eve Air Mobility reports it is partnering with the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) to gather data that will support efforts to improve the community experience of UAM operations. “During August, we ran a study […]

Air taxis and personal transports

“The nine social principles that should anchor AAM” Berkeley University conference conclusions

Adam Cohen and Susan Shaheen PhD have published the proceedings of The Future of Aviation Conference: Advancing Aerial Mobility through Technology, Sustainability, and On-Demand Flight, hosted by the University of California, Berkeley,and held in person […]

Air taxis and personal transports

Urban drone/eVTOL benefits and obstacles: AI, rules, public perception explored in expert workshop

By Philip Butterworth-Hayes Public demonstrations of the positive benefits of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs) and drones by comparing the noise of eVTOLs with helicopters and replacing firework displays with pet-friendly light shows […]

Medical/pharmaceutical transport

“Exposure to drone operations likely to increase public acceptance” – AirMOUR consultation survey

AiRMOUR, a European Union research and innovation project supporting sustainable air mobility via emergency medical services says it has “undertaken the most extensive public and stakeholder engagement survey on Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and drones […]