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ACE VTOL launches autonomous Slipstream Elite for personal executive transport

Australia’s ACE VTOL, developer of the Trinity eVTOL, has launched a personal eVTOL for nigh net worth individuals.

The Slipstream Elite “boasts advanced lifting body aerodynamics, with slipstream trailing airflow design to optimise fight as a perfect aerofoil,” according to the company.  “With low speed quad control and high speed Y axis tilt forward thrust, the Elite offers unparalleled speed and performance flight.​​  High speed fly by wire flight controls offer variable configurations for maneuverability, while vectored thrust delivers directional control and hover stability.

“…..With this advanced technology, the Elite can switch between high-speed flight mode for rapid transportation from point A to B and low-speed flight mode for enhanced maneuverability and accuracy. This innovative feature provides a highly customizable flight experience, enabling passengers to reach their destination quickly and easily, while also having the ability to maneuver through tight spaces with ease.

“Ace VTOL’s cutting-edge remote-piloting technology ensures a safe and reliable flight experience, allowing owners to sit back and relax without the need for manual control. With advanced autopilot systems and aviation standard features, passengers can trust Slipstream Elite to transport them efficiently and securely.

“Its compact design provides a small landing footprint for private helipads, yachts, events, and commercial addresses. This ensures ease of access to even the most confined spaces, allowing passengers to reach their destination with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With its small landing footprint, the eVTOL can land in places that traditional aircraft cannot, bypassing the need for expansive runways or helipads.”

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