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AMSL Aero secures order for 20 Vertiia zero emission aircraft for cargo and passenger services

Australian zero emission aircraft designer and manufacturer AMSL Aero reports today that it  has signed an order and received deposits for 10 of its Vertiia vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, with an option for 10 more, from its first civil customer Aviation Logistics, paving the way for emission-free flying across Australia.

“Aviation Logistics – one of Australia’s largest general aviation and regional airline groups, – could be flying 20 new Vertiia aircraft through its associated companies Air Link, AirMed and Chartair covering passenger services, aircraft charter, air freight and aeromedical flights from its seven bases across Australia from as early as 2027 (subject to regulatory approvals)” according to the press release.

“The aircraft takes off like a helicopter and flies fast and smoothly like a fixed wing aeroplane. The aircraft has a range of up to 1,000km and cruising speeds of 300kmh.

“Based at Sydney’s Bankstown Airport with operations around Australia, AMSL Aero has secured more than AUD50 million in funding from major private investors and government programs to develop the new aircraft.”

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(Image: AMSL Aero)

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