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ASKA unveils drive & fly eVTOL at CES 2023 Las Vegas

The first fully-functional prototype of the ASKA™ A5 electric drive and fly Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle makes its debut at CES 2023. The size of a SUV, the ASKA A5 is a four-seater electric vehicle that can travel by road, and up to 250 miles by air on a single charge.

The company is also announcing the ASKA On-Demand ride service (expected to launch in 2026) that will feature a fleet of ASKA vehicles, operating on-demand in major cities and their surroundings.

Guy Kaplinsky, CoFounder/CEO says “ASKA is positioned as a new generation vehicle that combines the convenience of an automobile with the ease and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight. ASKA is a vehicle that addresses not only consumers, there is also significant business potential in emergency response use, military use, as well as on-demand ride-sharing mobility services.”

According to the press release “In drive mode, ASKA packs in-wheel motor technology, allowing all four wheels to be placed outside the fuselage for all-wheel-drive traction, better aerodynamics, and maximized interior space to comfortably seat 4 passengers.

“In flying mode, the vehicle’s wings with six rotors unfold, allowing the vehicle to either take off vertically, or do conventional runway takeoffs. The large wing is optimised for gliding, smooth landings, and efficient energy consumption, while each tilt rotor is utilized for vehicle control.”

In 2020, ASKA says it signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to advance its participation in the Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign, jointly organized by the FAA. In 2022 it says the FAA accepted ASKA through their intake board and the company is progressing towards ASKA’s type certification – Full-scale flight testing to start after the CES.

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(Image: ASKA)

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