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Australia’s AMSL eVTOL makes first flight – in air ambulance mode

Australia’s A Current Affair programme broadcast by the 9 now network reports that Australia’s first eVTOL has successfully completed its maiden test flight.

“AMSL Aero co-founder Andrew Moore said his invention Vertiia is a giant leap for Australian aviation and believes it could revolutionise the daily commute. “I would say within the decade you will be able to go from somewhere not too far from your home to the rooftop car park of your local shopping centre,” Moore told A Current Affair.

Vertiia takes off and lands like a helicopter but flies quickly and efficiently like a plane. (A Current Affair)

“You could have a landing site which is over an intersection not far from your home.”

The husband and wife duo have so far received AUD27 million in private investment and AUD16 million from the Australian Government to launch the project, according to the news channel. Vertiia will be able to fly 1000 kilometres at 300km/h “making it the longest range electric aircraft of its type in the world” and the prototype has been fitted out with an aeromedical cabin; once it has achieved regulatory approval the Vertiia should be able to join aeromedical organisation Careflight’s fleet.

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(Image: AMSL Aero)

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