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BAE Systems and Supernal to collaborate on flight control system for electric aircraft

BAE Systems and Supernal have announced an agreement to design and develop the flight control computer for Supernal’s electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle.

In a press release Supernal report that “BAE Systems will help define the architecture of a lightweight, fly-by-wire system for its autonomous-capable aircraft. The fly-by-wire controls will safely and efficiently control the aircraft during flight.”

This next-generation system Supernal says will be a compact solution that addresses the processing requirements and potential autonomy needs of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) vehicles. It also says it will also have the flexibility to meet the “unique integration challenges of electric air taxis, as well as large regional electric aircraft.”

“As an established aerospace and defense technology leader, BAE Systems will play a critical role for Supernal as we develop our eVTOL vehicle to the highest commercial aviation standards,” said Ben Diachun, chief technology officer at Supernal. “Together, we will create a bespoke flight controls system that brings Advanced Air Mobility one step closer to reaching the masses in the coming decades.”

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(Image: Supernal)

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