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Blade and Jaunt Air Mobility form strategic partnership to launch urban air mobility operations in India

FlyBlade India, a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility, and Jaunt Air Mobility, an AIRO Group company, announced today a strategic partnership aimed at launching electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft operations in India and the subcontinent region by 2027. “The partnership includes Blade India’s intended acquisition of 150 Jaunt Journey aircraft, with an option to order another 100 aircraft to meet the projected demand over the next decade” the two companies report.

According to the press release “As the 3rd largest aviation market in the world, India is undergoing a major transformation with a growing need for seamless and faster connectivity to connect passengers in urban areas.

“The companies expect to collaborate in specific areas that are critical to support future short-haul mobility operations. Their plans include, in particular, Blade India working with Jaunt and its partners to explore development of key infrastructure capabilities in aircraft charging and energy distribution technologies. In turn, Jaunt intends to use Blade India’s existing short haul operational and customer experience to support the development of the Jaunt Journey aircraft and its integration into the Indian airspace.”

For more information

www.jauntairmobility.com and www.theairogroup.com.


(Image: Blade)



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