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Blueberry Aviation and Dufour Aerospace enter long-term commercial partnership

Blueberry Aviation, the commercial aircraft and helicopter specialists, and Dufour Aerospace, a Swiss eVTOL company, have announced that they have signed a global partnership agreement.

The press release states that under the agreement Blueberry Aviation will provide marketing advisory and placement support to Dufour Aerospace whilst Blueberry Aviation will be Dufour’s privileged partner for helicopter trade-in and will set up financial tools to fund or lease Dufour products.  In addition, Blueberry Aviation will acquire 100 Aero2 and 100 Aero3 products from Dufour Aerospace.

Through this collaboration Dufour Aerospace aims to further develop its customer base, as well as secure transactions with launch customers for Dufour Aero 2 and Aero3 products, using Blueberry Aviation’s industry expertise and worldwide network of operators.

The press release also reports that “The tilt-wing design of Dufour Aerospace’s aircraft family combines the ability to take off and land vertically like a helicopter with the efficiency and speed of a conventional aircraft, without the constraints and limitations of other eVTOL designs.

“The Aero2 is an electric-hybrid, remotely piloted aircraft with a payload of 40 kg (88.18 lbs) and a range of 400 km (216nm) which is due to be certification-ready in 2023 and enter into service in 2024.

“The Aero3 is pilot operated, has a maximum take-off weight of 2800kg (6173 lbs), a useable weight of 750kg (1653 lbs) with a cabin for up to 8 passengers, a cruise speed of 350 km/h (189 knots), and a range of 1020 km (551 nm). Aero3 is due to be certification ready in 2025 with an entry into service in 2026.”

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(Image: www.dufour.aero/media)

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