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Boeing and Kittyhawk launch Wisk company to develop the Cora air taxi

Boeing and Kittyhawk have launched a new company Wisk to develop the Cora self-flying, all-electric air taxi.

Cora is an all-electric, self-flying, 2 person eVTOL aircraft that takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane. “Cora is a product of Wisk and will give commuters another transportation option that gets them to their destination faster,” says the new company’s press release. “We are not putting timeframes around when services will begin. We have work to do and we are working constructively with regulatory authorities. We are looking forward to first sharing our service with the New Zealand public when the time is right. New Zealand is recognized for its safety-focused regulatory environment and a strong history of excellence in airspace management. These qualities are vital in giving people confidence that we are serious about making Cora the best air taxi in the market.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA with locations in Atlanta, GA and New Zealand, Wisk is led by CEO Gary Gysin. Zephyr Airworks is now Wisk New Zealand, and the Cora team is now the foundation of Wisk..

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