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Crown Consulting partners with Quantative Scientific Solutions to provide analytics on UAM and eVTOL passenger ride quality

Crown Consulting, a specialist company providing analytics, information solutions and engineering services, has been selected by NASA’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program to study the effects of UAM and eVTOL ride quality and how this may effect passenger acceptance of these new forms of transport, according to a company press release.  Crown have partnered with Quantative Scientific Solutions to provide the required analytics.

The initial Phase I will last six months, with the potential for follow-on funding to further advance the research. Past work has related passenger comfort to noise and vibration, but no measure has been developed relating acceptance to the combination of noise, vibration, and vehicle motion.

Past research has shown that these new forms of transport have different motion dynamics from helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Part of the new research will learn how passengers may react to this.

Crown’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Tom Edwards, commented, “This work will enable resolution of a major barrier to successful implementation of UAM.”

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