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Dubai 2023: Honeywell providing advanced flight controls for AIBOT’s electric aircraft

Honeywell has been selected by AIBOT to provide its Compact Fly-By-Wire (cFBW) system to support AIBOT’s fully electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

“Honeywell’s lightweight Compact Fly-By-Wire system, the size of a paperback book, provides aircraft manufacturers, like AIBOT, greater flexibility in aircraft design without compromising power or safety” according to the press release. “The system enables the removal of conventional mechanical linkages controlling the effectors, streamlining maintenance procedures, and reducing costs throughout the entire lifecycle of an aircraft.

“It also enables seamless remote operation of the aircraft, translating instructions from the aircraft’s operator into flight control commands on the aircraft. The system’s envelope-limiting feature guarantees safe operations, making it particularly well-suited for stabilizing uniquely designed unmanned vehicles and delivering a stable flying experience.

“The AIBOT aircraft is powered by eight electric motors and will accommodate up to six passengers and a pilot. With maximum takeoff weight of 7,000 pounds, the aircraft has a target maximum range of 250 miles and a top cruise speed of 250 mph, making it suitable for short-haul use cases between cities and metropolitan areas across the globe. In 2024, AIBOT will kick off the production of fully autonomous heavy unmanned aircraft for industries like cargo, agriculture, high-speed inspection, and medical deliveries. This endeavor shares its system architecture with AIBOT’s manned aircraft, for which the inaugural flight will be in 2025.”

Full product delivery of each aircraft is expected by 2028.

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(Image: Honeywell)

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