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EHang and Shenzhen Bao’an District to develop AAV operational demonstration centre

EHang Holdings announced that today it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with the Bao’an District Government of Shenzhen municipality on a comprehensive strategic partnership in urban air mobility (“UAM”) for commercial operations of EH216-S AAVs following the completion of the EH216-S type certification.

Bao’an District and EHang the company says will jointly develop UAM use cases, systems and routes to build Shenzhen as a national low-altitude economy development demonstration city. EHang also says it plans to establish the Company’s first UAM Operation Demonstration Centre at the OH Bay, an urban landmark in Shenzhen, and to launch aerial tourism and sightseeing experience services with EH216-S AAVs.

According to the press release “Under this strategic partnership, the Bao’an District Government will provide comprehensive support for EH216-S AAV procurement, financial leasing, infrastructure construction, and low-altitude operations in the area. Based on that, EHang plans to establish an EH216-S AAV Assembly and Delivery Center, a Research and Development Testing Center, as well as a Maintenance Support Center in Bao’an District in the future to ensure local UAM operational services.

“Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen municipality has continued to strengthen its support for the low-altitude economy industry. Shenzhen’s 2023 Government Work Report proposed to establish a Low-Altitude Economy Center and a Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Demonstration Zone, and put the Regulations on Promotion of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Low-Altitude Economy Industry as its key legislative project. Bao’an District is a core aviation industrial hub in Shenzhen, with a robust manufacturing foundation and well-established supply chain that possesses strong advantages for the development of the low-altitude economy. The OH Bay, a Shenzhen’s landmark located in the center of Bao’an District, has a prosperous and developed cultural and tourism industry, which will provide a broad market prospect for EH216-S AAVs to be the first eVTOL aircraft to launch and operate in this area.”

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