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EHang and Xiyu Tourism sign cooperation framework agreement to introduce 120 eVTOLS at tourist sites

Xiyu Tourism (Western Tourism) China, has signed a cooperation framework agreement with EHang to “introduce 120 passenger autonomous aircraft” at tourist locations according to eastwest connect news channel.

eastwest connect reports further that according to the agreement which was announced by Li Xinping, the company’s general manager “The two parties will jointly invest in the establishment of a joint venture autonomous aircraft operating company; in the next five years, discuss cooperation with famous scenic spots in Xinjiang and introduce 120 passenger autonomous aircraft.

“The person in charge of the company said that through the cooperation with EHang to introduce manned autonomous aerial vehicle projects, it will introduce new formats, enrich the supply of tourism products, endow scenic spots with scientific and technological connotations, and provide tourists with higher-quality services and tourism experiences, thereby accelerating the recovery of the tourism market.”

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(Image: EHang)

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