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EHang delivers five EH216-S AAVs to Boling in Shenzhen

EHang Holdings has announced that it has delivered five EH216-Ss to a new customer, Shenzhen Boling Holding Group, as part of Boling’s plan to purchase up to 100 units of EH216-S from EHang. Boling’s purchase the company says, of up to an additional 95 units of EH216-S is conditioned upon EHang’s receipt of the EH216-S type certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (“CAAC”) and subject to the parties’ further agreement on details such as delivery timeline.

“The delivery of the first five units to Boling in Shenzhen is the initial step of the Company’s commercial plans in launching aerial tourism and sightseeing experience services in Shenzhen under EHang’s strategic partnership with Bao’an District government and joint efforts with local customer Boling” according to the press release. “The AAVs are expected to be used for regular flight operations at EHang’s first Urban Air Mobility (“UAM”) Operation Demonstration Center at OH Bay in Bao’an District following the CAAC’s type certification of EH216-S, which will lay a solid foundation for future commercial EH216-S operations in Shenzhen, a pioneering city dedicated to developing China’s low-altitude economy.

“Furthermore, Boling aims to be a long-term AAV operator in Shenzhen through collaboration with EHang, and deploy the EH216-S AAVs purchased for activities such as aerial sightseeing and experience flights, further expanding the UAM strategic layout in Shenzhen.

“UAM is a key aspect of the low-altitude economy. According to the recently released Implementation Plan for Innovative Development of Low-Altitude Economy Industries in Bao’an District, Shenzhen (2023-2025) by the local government, a multitude of business scenarios will be developed in UAM, aerial sightseeing, aerial logistics, emergency rescue, smart city management, industrial applications, and entertainment. Over 50 unmanned flight routes are planned with over 100 low-altitude aircraft take-off and landing platforms deployed in a grid pattern.”

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(Image: EHang Holdings) 

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