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Electric ‘sea-glider’ developer Regency “raises USD60 million in investments”

In an X (formerly Twitter) social media post Billy Thalheimer, Co-founder and CEO of Regent, a company developing electrically powered “sea gliders”, has announced a USD60 million Series A funding package to a build full-scale protoype.

Investment has come from JAL, Yamato and Lockheed Martin, among others.

“They saw the prize – the promise of USD8 billion in commercial preorders waiting on our development, a capability perfectly in line with an existential capability gap in national defence strategy, and a mode of transportation that will service the billions of people that move along coastlines every year,” said the post. “When the dust settled, we raised an oversubscribed USD60 million round that funds us all the way through human flight of our full scale prototype, and we were able to do it all without slowing down the engineering one bit.

“The year ahead will be the most exciting year in REGENTs history…as we fly humans on a seaglider for the first time in history.”

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