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First seen at Paris 2023: the Linx P3 electric gyrocopter

The UK’s Arc Aerosystems has introduced the Linx P3 at the Paris Air Show, an electrically powered gyrocopter with a single pilot and two passengers. The type features a fast charging capability, redundant battery packs, a dual electric motor, an unpowered rotor, certified all-electric powertrain and minimal pilot training

“Auto-rotation allows the pilot to make a controlled landing, even with complete power failure,” according to the company. “The pilot is in direct contact with the aerodynamics; giving a real, non-simulated ‘feel’.“

“The Pegasus is a fully FAA certified, jump take-off, zero roll landing gyroplane,” continues the company in its specifications sheet. ARC Aerosystems acquired the IP, all rights and type certification of the Pegasus. Linx P3 is the electrified & modernised version of Pegasus.”

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